Our beloved treasures

It started like this…
Climate Ops

Climate Ops Documentary

In collaboration with ARTE tv, our team is part of the production of Climate Ops documentary.

Climate Ops will be a documentary but, first, it is our story. Is there a place on earth that means the world to you? A place that, if it was to disappear because of climate change, would leave you devastated? We have identified ours!

ARTE gives us the opportunity to share our own experience of nature and a chance to be heard by the decision-makers of our planet. At the end of this year, Paris will host the United Nations Climate Change Conference: you can make a difference. In 47 European countries, we will film this special place of our own and our community: a fishing trip, a birdsong, a walk in the woods.

By joining Climate Ops we did accept to be poetic and stand up for what we love.

See more at this Link.

On November 24, 2015 the documentary was aired and published online.


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