Discover Himara

Himara is a beautiful city by the sea in the South of Albania. I have passed through Himara many times in my way to reach Saranda but never spent there more than a couple of hours. This is maybe why I never found a reason to stay there.

This year we decided to stay two nights in a family hotel at the bay of Potam. Just as you cross the city of Himara, your sight catches a beautiful bay, a white small stones beach surrounded by an immense, cold and deep sea.

The clear water is so inviting to enter and dive immediately. Often offering big waves that create that unforgettable sea symphony.

The hotels are small, with a limited number of rooms. The owners are so friendly and work hard to run their small business. The rooms are newly furbished, very very clean, in white sheets and very soft and nice smelling towels. The view from the room is breathtaking.

The sea is just ten meters away from the hotel and one can literally listen the sound of the waves while lying on the bed or staying in the veranda.

There are a couple of clubs by the sea that offer sunbeds and shadows. Sitting in the bar you can enjoy the latest summer hits by drinking fresh drinks or coctails.

What about meals? 
The breakfast is one of the best I have ever tried in all the South of Albania. Everything is fresh and bio, and the taste is just perfect reminding me of the nice plates that grandma cooked.

You can dine under orange trees in a very fruity area that one can ever forget.

What about some night life? 
For all that are intersted in having some drinks by the sea, or shopping in the small shops of Himara, well the city center is the perfect place to go after the sunset. 

And the sunset is another thing not to be missed!

With some very special clubs with candles and good music. Restaurants have very friendly staff ready to serve you the delicious plates of the house.

I would invite everyone to go and spend some days there. Relax is not an option, is the place where it can be found!

Discover Himara!


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